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Metcalfe's Law

Metcalfe's Law states that the power of a network increases exponentially as the number of members grows larger. This law is derived from the mathematical graph theory. A graph consists of a collection of vertices (nodes) and edges (that connect pairs of vertices) - what we would call a network. You can calculate with graphs. The so- called 'complete graph' is an interesting one, where every node is connected with every other one.
- Ronald van den Hoff, Society 3.0

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Jurjen de Vries

One of my old business partners found me at S2M Eindhoven due S2M Connect while he was looking at the board and saw Fiber Internet as a knowledge tag. It was great to see him again. Without S2M Connect we wouldn't have known we were at the same location.


Richard Oosterhof

I use S2M Connect to see who's here in the workplace with me. There are all sorts of interesting people here!


Lenneke van Rossum

All of a sudden I needed someone who could film our event. By using S2M Connect I found someone within 10 minutes who was willing to provide their expertise and equipment. Really great!


Robbert de Vries

S2M Connect has connected me to a large local network. With direct results: connections appear in unexpected ways, with potential collaborations in the future!